WELCOME TO PLAN-18! Plan-18 provides an all-in-one, comprehensive workbook containing necessary legal documents that every parent should have once his or her child turns 18 years of age.


ABOUT OUR FOUNDERMy name is Cheryl Lynn Nelson. I’ve been an estate planning, probate and trust administration paralegal since 2006. In 2010, I earned my “Certified Paralegal” designation. And since 2006, I’ve also worked for a nationally recognized brand preparing income tax returns and I’m a Notary Public. However, my most cherished role is, and always will be, that of a mother to my now adult son, Jonathan. Plan-18 was created because of the experiences I’ve had at the law office, at the tax office, and after Jonathan turned 18 years of age.

Unbeknownst to me, when Jonathan turned 18 years of age, I was no longer able to get information from his school or from his physician without his written permission. That’s right, the ole’ “but I’m his mother” no longer worked. Also, I realized that he now had to sign his own income tax return before it could be filed. Very quickly, I began to understand that parents, with a child about to turn 18, had no idea about the restrictions that he or she would face. Thus, Plan-18 was born.

It is my hope that the Plan-18 workbook has inspired you and your family to put these necessary legal documents into place today.

Cheryl Lynn Nelson

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